Warrant for Arrest

Full name:  Tricia Theresa Beaudin

Gender: Female

DOB: December 17, 1971 (47 years old)

Race: Indigenous

Height:  157 cm

Weight:  55 kgs – thin build

Hair color: Black – medium length

Eye Color:  Brown

Last known Address: M’Chigeeng First Nation

Other or Distinguishing Features: wears glasses.

Please call the station at 705-377-7135 with information regarding outstanding warrants.

Paul Mervin TAYLOR

Full name:  Paul Mervin TAYLOR

Sex: Male

Age: 25

Race: Indigenous

Height:  5’7

Weight:  170 lbs

Hair color: Black

Eye Color:  Brown

Last known Address: Greater Sudbury

Other or Distinguishing Features:
Tattoo – Right eye 77; Tattoo – Left thumb x with dots; Tattoo – Right hand EBK; Tattoo – Right forearm feather; Tattoo – Left eye tear drop & cross















Full name:  Harley BEBONANG

Sex: Male

Age: 25

Race: Aboriginal

Height: Approx. 6’3”

Weight: Approx. 165 lbs.

Build: Thin

Haircolor: Black

Eye color: Brown

Other or Distinguishing Features: Right forearm – “Ambition”

Cautions or notes: None.

Robert Allen BEBONANG  









Full name:  Robert Allen BEBONANG

Sex:  Male

Age: 35

Race: Aboriginal

Height: Approx. 5’10”

Weight: Approx. 185 lbs

Build: Medium

Haircolor: Black

Eyecolor: Brown

Other or Distinguishing Features: Scar on left and right elbows; crescent shaped scar on right arm.

Cautions or notes: None

Freedom of Information Act
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