Civilian Oversight Committee


The UCCM Anishnaabe Police Services Commission recognized the need for a Civilian Oversight Committee to be introduced to the First Nation communities, and developed By-Law No. 2 to meet this need. In October 2010, Denis Blake was hired to further the developments of the Committee, which was to be called Enaag-Dawaab-Jig. During the past year Mr. Blake has recruited five Committee members from the First Nation communities located on Manitoulin Island. He has also developed a website, and completed outreach activities to market Enaag-Dawaab-Jig to the public.

If you would like further information regarding Enaag-Dawaab-Jig, please contact Denis Blake, Enaag-Dawaab-Jig Coordinator at 705-862-2701, or you can visit their website at:


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