Constable Daniel Bussieres 9 years

Daniel is a father of three children ages six, four, and two. Daniel and his wife have been together for 9 years and he says that “through my entire policing career including working in remote communities where my wife would take care of our children mostly on her own”. Daniel’s policing priorities are to work in an area where he can have a balanced work and family life, and where he can have a long term positive influence within the communities, he says “I feel that U.C.C.M. is that place.”

Daniel see’s his role as an officer within our communities to leverage the expertise of local resources whether it is restorative justice, diversion to best help the people he comes into contact with. Daniel says “I have found that the vast majority of the people I have dealt with have not been “bad people” but people who have been through bad times and need help to get out of it when they are ready.” 

Daniel started working with UCCM in June 2019 and is the newest member of the team!

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