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Gchi Mino Naadmaadwin Teg – High Risk Situation Table

Gchi Mino Naadmaadwin Teg describes the ultimate level of services based on the integration of human services sectors to proactively respond to situations requiring coordinated action.

What this means is: As a team, we are prepared to offer assistance to individuals, families or groups before situations reach a crisis point.

The focus is to engage with those who are struggling and not likely to reach out and ask for help. Gchi Mino Naadmaadwin Teg when aware of a need will reach out and offer the supports through the rapid mobilization of services and outreach.

Gchi Mino Naadmaadwin Teg Circles are weekly discussions for human services providers, following traditional circle protocol, guided by the 7 grandfather teachings and modelled on Clan governance structure.

Situations of Gchi Mino Naadmaadwdin Teg are screened according to Acutely Elevated Risk (AER). Representatives of Maamwi Naadamadaa adopted the following definition of AER:
• Situation/s affecting an individual, family, group or place where circumstances indicate a high probability of imminent risk and significant harm to self or others.
• The acute nature of these situations is an indicator that circumstances, cutting across multiple human service disciplines, have accumulated to the point where a crisis is imminent or new circumstances have contributed to severely increased threats of harm to self or others.
• The motivation to intervene by reaching out and offering help to the individual/family/community prior to gaining consent in some cases supercedes the need for privacy in cases where imminent risk is perceived.

The ultimate goal is to offer support BEFORE situations reach a crisis point.

Considering the seven grandfathers are sacred gifts given to Anishnaabek to be used for guidance in all we do – these are the foundational principles and cultural standards from which we proceed with information sharing. These values and principles provide broad direction for participating and sharing information as part of the Gchi Mino Naadmaadwin Teg discussions, within the scope of:
• Need to know
• Timely, coordinated and collaborative response
• Responsible recording and use of data
Where possible consent will be obtained from the individual or family however in some circumstances this may not be practical where level of risk dictates action is necessary.

Sector and Community involvement
Gchi Mino Naadmaadwin Teg is the result of an integration strategy of Maamwi Naadamadaa.

For more information, contact Gchi Mino Naadmaadwin Teg coordinator at UCCM Anishnaabe Police Services Social Navigator Initiative at 705-377-7135

Gchi Mino Naadmaadwin Teg is a service offered through the collaborative of Maamwi Naadamadaa.

Gchi Mino Naadmaadwin Teg is coordinated through the UCCM Anishnaabe Police Service Social Navigator Initiative which is funded by Public Safety Canada and the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

Freedom of Information Act
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