Outstanding warrant for Percy Vanalstine

Percy Vanalstine is a 74 year old male (DOB Feb. 20/46). Percy is described as being 6’1″ tall, weighs 121lbs and has a thin build. He has long white unkempt hair, full beard and mustache and brown eyes. He has multiple tattoos on his hands and arms including a the head of a tiger with “dad” below it, a heart with “mom” below it and a heart, the letters P.V. and the words “F**K with care” on the fingers of his right hand. Community of origin and present whereabouts unknown but he was known to frequent M’Chigeeng.

Percy needs to call 705-377-7135 and speak with an Officer to clear this up.

Members of the public with information on this individuals whereabouts are also encouraged to call us.

Freedom of Information Act
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