The Voluntary Vulnerable Person Registry (VVPR) is an initiative created with the assistance of community partners for the benefit of those who are at increased vulnerability.

The registry assists police in providing a coordinated response when a vulnerable person goes missing, is susceptible to misadventure or is at increased risk in a crisis situation.

The registry can be used to provide support for people who are at greater risk during emergencies, disasters or crisis because of a cognitive, physical or intellectual/developmental disability.

The vulnerable person registry is an investigative tool.  It is a database to expedite the gathering of important information when an emergency arises. NOTE*It does not provide supervision or any other form of care to vulnerable persons. 

The definition of a vulnerable person for the purposes of this registry is:

A person who has a cognitive, physical, intellectual or developmental disability or other condition which may place him/her/they at an increased risk of misadventure leading to injury or death and who may require assistance from emergency services.

Examples include conditions such as acute psychiatric conditions, FASD, mobility issues, acquired brain injury, dementia, etc.